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Tom C. Schmidt asked 4 years ago

Dear Sirs,

I asked this question before, and got an answer, which was, however, not
addressing what I wanted to know.

What I would like to know is: Some table salts, e.g. Himalayan table salt,
reportedly contain things like dysprosium or thallium. Now, these elements
are supposed to be very toxic, even in very small quantities.
How toxic are dysprosium and/or thallium, and where can I get specific
information on the toxicity of table salts (dysprosium, thallium), esp.
as far as humans are concerned (human consumption)?

Thanks for taking the trouble to address this question!



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Ryan Hughes Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tom,
This is quite specific information and we aren’t able to answer with enough certainty. Your best bet is just to do some searches elsewhere, I’m afraid.