How to build a flow chemistry system?

Ask a chemistHow to build a flow chemistry system?
Khoi Mai Le asked 4 years ago

Hi, I’m a high school student who is really interested in chemistry. I’m planning to do a research about flow chemistry but still be struggle with the design of the system because I don’t know where to start although I have read and understood some basic principles. Moreover, I am now living in Vietnam and I have not found where can I buy the equipment to build the system.

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Andrew Mansfield Staff answered 4 years ago


Thanks for the question – great to hear you’re really interested in chemistry! 🙂

We recommend chemists who are looking to explore flow chemistry start with a basic setup, such as the Asia Flow Chemistry Starter System. This contains the basics you need to get going with flow chemistry, including;

Syrris has a global presence for selling flow chemistry systems, including a Regional Executive in Vietnam. If you’d like to discuss further, just contact us and they’ll get back to you 🙂