Ryan Hughes

Product Marketing Executive at Syrris

About Ryan Hughes

Ryan joined Syrris in 2016, bringing with him extensive experience in B2C and B2B marketing. As Product Marketing Executive, Ryan is responsible for the inbound and outbound global marketing of the Syrris brand. Acting as the link between the Products, Sales, and Marketing teams, Ryan collaborates with various team members to help raise brand and product awareness and to help educate our audience on various topics, including flow chemistry, batch chemistry, reaction calorimetry, and process scale-up.

Since joining Syrris, Ryan has moved the brand away from product-focused marketing to more educational, thought leadership marketing. Some of the results of that change include this Syrris chemistry blog (launched in April 2018); a series of educational webinars covering topics such as flow chemistry, reaction calorimetry, and chemistry automation; and a new social media presence focusing on providing our audience with articles, blogs, and videos relevant to the industries our products are used in.

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