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A convenient enantioselective CBS-reduction of arylketones in flow

By on April 20th, 2018 in Flow chemistry

I spotted an exciting study about a sustainable, versatile, fast and environmentally friendly CBS-asymmetric reduction of aryl and heteroaryl ketones using flow technologies.

The researchers at the Department of Pharmacy (University of Bari, Italy) demonstrated handling of a borane solution safely and the switch to the use of 2-MeTHF as a greener alternative to traditional solvents. Another real benefit of using flow technology was that it allowed for a reduction of the amount of the chiral catalyst and avoided the use of an additive such as DEAN (N, N-diethylaniline). They used in-line FT-IR analysis for rapid reaction optimization and continuous aqueous work-up technologies enabled >90% recovery of the desired chloroalcohol.

Study details below – happy reading!

A convenient enantioselective CBS-reduction of arylketones in flow-microreactor systems

Sonia De Angelis,a Maddalena De Renzo,a Claudia Carlucci,a Leonardo Degennaro*a and Renzo Luisi*a
Show Affiliations Org. Biomol. Chem., 2016,14, 4304-4311
DOI: 10.1039/C6OB00336B
Received 11 Feb 2016, Accepted 06 Apr 2016
First published online 06 Apr 2016


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